Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip KP303, Surge Protector with 3 Individually Controlled Smart Outlets and 2 USB Ports, Works with Alexa & Google Home, No Hub Required , White

Kasa Smart Power Strip KP303: A Smart Home Essential

Introducing the Kasa Smart Power Strip KP303: the ultimate smart home essential. With 3 individually controlled smart outlets and 2 always-on USB ports, this power strip takes convenience and control to the next level. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, it seamlessly integrates into your smart home ecosystem. Plus, with the ability to charge up to 5 devices simultaneously and no hub required, it’s the perfect solution for all your power needs. Upgrade your home with the Kasa Smart Power Strip KP303 and experience the true power of smart living.

Kasa Smart Power Strip KP303: 3 Outlets, 2 USB, Alexa & Google Home

as of January 5, 2024 1:15 pm
Conclusion: Convenient yet unreliable
Overall, the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip KP303 offers convenience and control with its individually controlled outlets and compatibility with voice assistants. However, occasional disconnection from the network may be a concern for those seeking reliability.
Convenient Smart Home Integration
  • Easy-to-use app for managing the power strip
  • Ability to control each outlet individually or combine them into a group
  • Compatibility with Google Home for voice control
  • Manual toggle buttons with LED indicators for each outlet
  • Convenient option for timed control of devices with on/off at sunrise/sunset feature
  • Works well with other Kasa smart devices
  • USB ports are not controllable
  • Occasional disconnection from the network

The Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip KP303 is a versatile and convenient device that offers independent control over three devices and includes two USB ports for charging additional devices. Whether you need to power up your home office, family rooms, or even holiday lights, this power strip is designed to meet your needs. With the Kasa smart app, you can easily control each outlet remotely, or you can use voice commands with popular voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana.

One of the standout features of the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip KP303 is the ability to support up to five appliances simultaneously. With three independently controllable smart outlets and two always-on USB ports, you can conveniently charge multiple devices at the same time. This makes it perfect for both home and office use.

The Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip KP303 is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to easily control your devices with voice commands. This feature frees up your hands and adds convenience to your daily routine.

Manufactured by TP-Link, a trusted name in networking and smart home solutions, the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip KP303 is a high-quality product. It weighs just 1.06 pounds and has compact dimensions of 10.24 x 2.5 x 1.52 inches, making it easy to fit into any space. The power strip is designed in a sleek white color with a rectangular shape, ensuring it blends seamlessly with your home or office decor.

In terms of technical specifications, the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip KP303 operates at a voltage of 125 Volts and supports a plug format of Type B. It comes with special features such as an on and off switch, surge protection, and a USB slot.

The package includes 1 Kasa Smart WiFi Power Strip with 3 outlets and a quick start guide. It does not require any batteries for operation, and it comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Manufacturer: TP-Link
  • Number of Outlets: 3 individually controlled smart outlets
  • Number of USB Ports: 2
  • Compatibility: Works with Alexa and Google Home
  • Hub Requirement: No hub required
  • Color: White

Overall, the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip KP303 offers a convenient and efficient solution for powering and controlling multiple devices. Its compatibility with popular voice assistants and the user-friendly Kasa smart app make it a valuable addition to any home or office setup.

Powerful and Convenient Smart Strip
  • 3 individually controlled smart outlets
  • 2 always-on USB ports
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Supports charging of 5 devices simultaneously
  • No hub required
  • Ideal for home and office use


I have been using the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip KP303 for some time now, and overall, it delivers on its promises. With three individually controlled outlets and two USB ports, this power strip offers great versatility and convenience. The setup process was straightforward, and I was able to easily control the outlets using the Kasa Smart app on my phone. Additionally, the compatibility with Google Home allows for seamless integration into my smart home ecosystem.

Convenient Features

One standout feature of this power strip is the toggle buttons and LED indicators for each outlet. This allows for easy manual control and provides clarity on whether the outlet is supplying power. I found this particularly useful when dealing with devices like desk lamps, as I could easily determine if the issue was with the bulb or the outlet itself.

Occasional Connectivity Issues

However, the only drawback I have experienced with this power strip is occasional connectivity issues. There have been instances where the power strip would suddenly disconnect from the network, despite showing that it is powered and connected. While I can still manually toggle the outlets, I lose control through the app or voice assistants. Although this does not happen frequently, the uncertainty adds a level of unreliability that prevents me from fully trusting the device.

Final Thoughts

Despite the occasional connectivity issues, the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip KP303 is a well-designed product that offers convenience and control. It is especially useful for managing multiple devices from a single outlet and comes with features like timed control and compatibility with popular voice assistants. If you already have other Kasa devices, this power strip seamlessly integrates into your existing setup. However, if reliability is of utmost importance, it is worth considering the occasional connectivity glitches before making a purchase decision.

Introducing the TP-Link KP303 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip featuring 3 Outlets

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Power Strips and Smart Plugs

When it comes to selecting power strips and smart plugs, a few factors should be considered. Firstly, it is important to identify your specific needs and requirements. Determine the number of outlets and USB ports you require, as well as any specific features such as surge protection or compatibility with voice assistants. Additionally, consider the power rating and ensure that it meets the requirements of the devices you plan to connect. Look for power strips and smart plugs that are certified and comply with safety standards to avoid any potential hazards. Finally, consider the brand reputation and read reviews to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can select the most suitable power strip or smart plug for your needs.

  • Compatibility: Ensure that the power strip is compatible with your desired voice assistants, such as Alexa or Google Home. This will allow you to control the power strip with voice commands
  • Number of Outlets: Check the power strip’s specifications to verify that it has the desired number of outlets (in this case, 3 outlets). This will determine how many devices you can connect simultaneously
  • USB Ports: Confirm that the power strip includes USB ports (in this case, 2 USB ports). These ports allow you to charge devices directly without using a separate charger
  • Power Rating: Consider the power strip’s maximum power rating. Ensure that it can handle the total wattage of the devices you plan to connect simultaneously
  • Surge Protection: Look for built-in surge protection to safeguard your connected devices from power fluctuations and voltage spikes
  • Energy Monitoring: Check if the power strip offers energy monitoring capabilities. This feature allows you to track energy usage and identify power-hungry devices
  • Smart Scheduling: Verify if the power strip supports smart scheduling. This functionality lets you create custom schedules for turning on or off connected devices, optimizing energy efficiency
  • Remote Access: Determine if the power strip allows remote access via a mobile app. This enables you to control your devices and monitor energy usage even when you are away from home
  • Ease of Installation: Consider the ease of installation and setup. Look for a power strip that offers a straightforward and user-friendly installation process
  • Brand Reputation and Reviews: Research the brand’s reputation and read customer reviews to ensure the power strip is reliable, durable, and performs as advertised

Recognizing Red Flags: Indicators that the Kasa Smart Power Strip KP303 may not be the ideal product for you.

  • Compatibility: If you do not own or use any devices that are compatible with Alexa or Google Home, this smart power strip may not be suitable for your needs. It relies on these voice assistants for control and may not offer the same functionality without them
  • Individual Control Requirement: The KP303 power strip boasts three individually controlled smart outlets. However, if you don’t have a need for controlling each outlet separately, this feature may be unnecessary and could lead to a more complex setup than you require
  • Lack of USB Ports: If you frequently rely on USB ports for charging your devices, the KP303’s two USB ports may not be sufficient for your needs. Consider whether you have multiple devices that require USB charging simultaneously and whether this product can accommodate them
  • Color Preference: The KP303 smart power strip is available in white. If you have specific color preferences or are looking for a power strip that matches your existing decor, the limited color options may not meet your expectations
  • Alternative Hub Requirement: The KP303 power strip does not require a hub for operation. However, if you already have a smart home hub or prefer to use one for central control, this product may not align with your preferences

Frequently Asked Questions about Power Strips and Smart Plugs

Is a hub required to use the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip KP303?

No, a hub is not required to use the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip KP303.

How do power strips and smart plugs contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings?

Power strips and smart plugs contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings by providing the ability to control and monitor the power usage of multiple devices. With a power strip like the Kasa Smart Plug KP303, you can individually control each outlet and turn off devices that are not in use, eliminating standby power consumption. This helps to reduce energy waste and lower electricity bills.

Additionally, smart plugs enable scheduling and automation features, allowing you to set timers or create custom routines that automatically turn off devices during specific times of the day or when they are not needed. This helps to optimize energy usage and further reduce costs.

Furthermore, with the integration of voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home, you can conveniently control your devices with voice commands, making it easier to manage and monitor energy consumption.

Overall, power strips and smart plugs provide a practical and effective solution for improving energy efficiency and achieving cost savings by giving you greater control over your devices and their power usage.

Stay in control of your devices effortlessly with the Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip KP303. With 3 individually controlled smart outlets and 2 USB ports, it seamlessly integrates with Alexa and Google Home for a smart home experience without the need for a hub.

8 thoughts on “Kasa Smart Power Strip KP303: A Smart Home Essential

  1. I’m glad to hear that the Kasa Smart Power Strip KP303 is compatible with Google Home for voice control. That’s a feature I’ve been looking for in a smart power strip!

  2. I completely agree with the occasional disconnection issue. It can be frustrating when it happens, but overall, I still find the KP303 to be a valuable addition to my smart home.

    1. I understand your frustration. The occasional disconnection issue is something that the manufacturer is aware of and they are constantly working on improving the network stability. Thank you for your feedback!

  3. Could you recommend any other Kasa smart devices that work well with the KP303? I’m interested in expanding my smart home setup.

    1. Sure! The Kasa Smart Light Bulb and the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug are great additions to the KP303. They offer seamless integration and expand the control options for your smart home.

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