WYZE Cam OG 1080p HD Wi-Fi Security Camera - Indoor/Outdoor, Color Night Vision, Spotlight, 2-Way Audio, Cloud & Local storage- Ideal for Home Security, Baby, Pet Monitoring Alexa Google Assistant

Wyze Cam OG – The Ultimate HD Wi-Fi Security Camera

Introducing the Wyze Cam OG – your ultimate solution for HD Wi-Fi security camera needs. Capture every detail with its stunning 1080p HD video quality and experience color night vision like never before. Whether you need it indoors or outdoors, this camera is designed to meet your security requirements. Stay connected with its 2-way audio communication and choose between cloud and local storage options for added convenience. Get ready to elevate your home security, baby monitoring, and pet surveillance with the Wyze Cam OG – the perfect blend of functionality and reliability.

Wyze Cam OG – HD Wi-Fi Security Camera

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Overall Assessment
The WYZE Cam OG 1080p HD Wi-Fi Security Camera provides an impressive picture quality and easy installation process. It offers a wide range of features at an affordable price, making it a great value for money. However, the night vision may not meet the expectations of those looking for highly detailed images, and the app navigation can be challenging. Overall, it is a solid choice for home security with its sophisticated software and various storage options.
  • Affordable price
  • Sophisticated software
  • High picture quality
  • Color night vision
  • 2-way audio
  • Cloud and local storage options
  • Limited angle of view when using the doodad to stick to a window
  • Lack of clear setup instructions for using the camera

Introducing the WYZE Cam OG 1080p HD Wi-Fi Security Camera – Indoor/Outdoor, Color Night Vision, Spotlight, 2-Way Audio, Cloud & Local Storage. This product is a revolutionary upgrade from the industry-leading Wyze Cam, which has already found its place in 6 million households. With enhanced features and improved performance, the WYZE Cam OG is designed to provide you with the utmost convenience and security.

One of the key improvements of the WYZE Cam OG is its faster live HD video loading capability. With this upgrade, you can now enjoy real-time video streaming without any lag, ensuring that you never miss a moment. Additionally, the camera boasts a stunning 1080p Color Night Vision feature, allowing you to see in full color even in the darkest of nights. This ensures that your surveillance is effective 24/7, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Another noteworthy enhancement is the upgraded speaker and microphone system, which provides enhanced clarity for two-way audio communication. Whether you need to communicate with a family member, address a pet, or even scare off intruders, the WYZE Cam OG ensures that your voice is heard loud and clear.

Furthermore, the WYZE Cam OG is built to withstand the elements. With an IP65 weatherproof rating, you can confidently mount the camera outdoors in rain or snow. This makes it ideal for monitoring your home’s perimeter or any outdoor space you wish to keep an eye on.

To further enhance your surveillance capabilities, you have the option to connect and mount a second WYZE Cam OG on top of one another to achieve a wider field of view. Alternatively, you can utilize the Wyze Cam OG Telephoto (sold separately) to zoom in 3X and view both cameras from one screen using the Wyze app’s picture-in-picture (PIP) feature.

In terms of installation, the WYZE Cam OG comes with a 360° non-slip tabletop stand and a quick-connect wall mounting system. Setting up the camera takes less than 60 seconds, allowing you to start monitoring your space with ease.

With its versatile functionality and advanced features, the WYZE Cam OG is an ideal choice for home security, baby monitoring, and pet surveillance. It is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling seamless integration with your smart home ecosystem.

Dimensions-wise, the WYZE Cam OG measures 2 x 2 x 2 inches, making it compact and unobtrusive. With a weight of 4.1 ounces, it is lightweight and easy to handle. The product is backed by the reputable manufacturer Wyze and originates from China.

  • Dimensions: The WYZE Cam OG 1080p HD Wi-Fi Security Camera has compact dimensions of 2 x 2 x 2 inches, making it easy to place and install in various locations
  • Weight: This security camera is lightweight, weighing only 4.1 ounces, allowing for easy handling and installation
  • Color Night Vision: The WYZE Cam OG features color night vision capability, providing enhanced visibility and clarity even in low-light conditions
  • Spotlight: Equipped with a built-in spotlight, this camera ensures better visibility and can be used to deter intruders or illuminate dark areas
  • 2-Way Audio: With its 2-way audio feature, users can listen and communicate through the camera using the Wyze app, enabling easy monitoring and interaction with family members, pets, or visitors
  • Storage Options: This camera offers both cloud and local storage options, allowing users to choose their preferred method of storing and accessing recorded footage. It provides flexibility and convenience for users to manage their security footage
  • Compatibility: The WYZE Cam OG is compatible with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling seamless integration and control through voice commands. It enhances convenience and accessibility for users to monitor their security camera using voice control

In conclusion, the WYZE Cam OG 1080p HD Wi-Fi Security Camera is a top-of-the-line product that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. With its exceptional video quality, color night vision, and versatile mounting options, this camera is an excellent choice for all your home security and monitoring needs.

Advanced HD Monitoring Solution
  • 1080p HD video quality
  • Color night vision
  • Indoor and outdoor usage
  • 2-way audio communication
  • Cloud and local storage options
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

Impressive Picture Quality and Easy Installation

When my old surveillance cameras started falling apart and were no longer supported by the manufacturer, I decided to replace them with the WYZE OG cameras. The installation process was quick and effortless, and I was pleasantly surprised by the sophisticated software provided. The picture quality of these cameras is truly remarkable, especially when it comes to night vision. Whether it’s capturing my family room, kitchen, or front porch, the clarity is outstanding. I am thoroughly impressed with the performance of these cameras.

Affordable and Feature-Rich Solution

The WYZE OG cameras offer a plethora of features, including motion detection, sound detection, image capture and storage, and various alerts. The best part? These cameras provide all these functionalities at an incredibly affordable price. With WYZE, you get a multi-layered solution for home security without breaking the bank. I am extremely satisfied with the value for money that these cameras offer.

Comparison with V3 and App Navigation

In comparison to the V3, the night vision of the WYZE OG cameras is grainier. While the day vision quality is similar, the infrared lights on the OG cameras appear to be less strong, resulting in a brighter image but less captured detail. The OG cameras also lack two different settings for infrared. Although the night vision is decent enough for security purposes, it might not meet the expectations of those looking for a highly detailed picture.

Furthermore, the app interface for the OG cameras differs from the V3, and navigating through playback can be more challenging. However, the OG cameras do have the advantage of a spotlight feature. Therefore, if you require a spotlight and decent night vision, the OG cameras might be the right choice for you. Otherwise, the V3 cameras offer a better overall experience, including magnetic base and easier adjustment.

Bottom Line

The WYZE Cam OG 1080p HD Wi-Fi Security Camera is a reliable and affordable option for home security. With impressive picture quality, easy installation, and a range of features, these cameras provide excellent value for money. However, if highly detailed night vision is a priority and you don’t require the spotlight feature, the V3 cameras might be a better choice. Overall, the WYZE OG cameras offer a solid solution for those looking to enhance their home security without breaking the bank.

Reviewing the Original Wyze Cam: Evaluating the Positives and Negatives

Exploring other options for Wyze Cam OG – HD Wi-Fi Security Camera

A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Right Wi-Fi Security Camera

When selecting a Wi-Fi security camera, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, it is important to identify the specific requirements for your surveillance needs. Determine the areas you want to monitor and consider factors such as indoor or outdoor use, night vision capabilities, and the desired field of view. Secondly, consider the camera’s resolution and image quality. Higher resolutions will provide clearer and more detailed footage. Thirdly, check for compatibility with your existing Wi-Fi network and any other smart home devices you may have. Ensure that the camera supports the necessary protocols and can be easily integrated into your system. Lastly, consider the camera’s features such as motion detection, two-way audio, and remote access through mobile apps. These additional functionalities can enhance the overall security experience. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can select a Wi-Fi security camera that best suits your needs.

  • Video Quality: Ensure that the camera provides high-definition (HD) video quality with clear and sharp images. The Wyze Cam OG offers 1080p Full HD resolution
  • Connectivity: Check if the camera supports Wi-Fi connectivity. The Wyze Cam OG is a Wi-Fi-enabled camera, allowing for easy setup and wireless operation
  • Field of View: Consider the camera’s field of view (FOV) to ensure it covers the desired area. The Wyze Cam OG has a 110-degree FOV, providing a wide coverage for monitoring
  • Night Vision: Verify if the camera has night vision capabilities for 24/7 surveillance. The Wyze Cam OG includes infrared (IR) LEDs, enabling clear visibility in low-light or dark conditions
  • Motion Detection: Look for cameras with motion detection functionality to receive alerts and notifications when movement is detected. The Wyze Cam OG offers motion detection, which can be customized to suit your preferences
  • Two-Way Audio: Check if the camera has a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way audio communication. The Wyze Cam OG supports two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with people through the camera
  • Mobile App: Ensure that the camera is compatible with a user-friendly mobile app for remote monitoring and control. The Wyze Cam OG has its dedicated app, which offers a range of features and settings
  • Cloud Storage: Consider if the camera provides cloud storage options for storing recorded footage. The Wyze Cam OG offers free 14-day rolling cloud storage, providing convenient access to past recordings
  • Additional Features: Look for any additional features that may enhance your security camera experience. The Wyze Cam OG offers features like time-lapse recording, person detection, and integration with other smart home devices
  • Price and Warranty: Lastly, consider the price and warranty offered for the camera. Ensure that the price aligns with your budget, and check if the manufacturer provides a warranty for added peace of mind

Experience the ultimate peace of mind with the WYZE Cam OG. Enhance your home security, monitor your loved ones and pets, and enjoy the convenience of Alexa and Google Assistant integration.

11 thoughts on “Wyze Cam OG – The Ultimate HD Wi-Fi Security Camera

  1. I had an incident where this camera captured a break-in at my neighbor’s house, and the footage was clear enough to identify the intruders. It definitely helped increase the security in our neighborhood.

    1. That’s an excellent example of the effectiveness of the WYZE Cam OG! We’re glad to hear that it was able to capture clear footage and assist in increasing security. Thank you for sharing your real-life experience.

  2. I recently purchased this camera and found the installation process to be quite easy. The picture quality is impressive, and the 2-way audio feature is a nice addition. However, I did find the app navigation to be a bit challenging at times.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience! We’re glad to hear that you found the installation process easy and enjoyed the picture quality. We understand that the app navigation can be challenging, and we’re continuously working on improving the user experience.

    1. Sure! In comparison to other similar products, the WYZE Cam OG offers a comparable picture quality and features at a more affordable price point.

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